Previous events

Open Minded Smoke and Specialty presents Halloween Madness at THE WONDERBAR featuring Johnny Weasel, Tilted, WaterSports and Eye Violet. Dance and costume contests, cash prizes to be announced!

$13 in advance. Avoid Ticket master service fees by buying directly at The Stone Pony

Johnny Weasel is very excited and honored to perform at the Danny Clinch Transparent Gallery. Danny is a Grammy Award winning photographer, director who has worked with music's top artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Tupak Shakur, Pearl Jam, the Stones and Pink just to name a few. The Gallery is a beautiful space that show cases Danny's work and features a beautiful little stage for artists to perform on. Johnny Weasel will be performing some of our back catalog, acoustic numbers and other oddity's for your entertainment. Suggested donation is $10. Come spend a day in lovely Asbury Park, it's going to be fun.

Jim Inzero presents the "ICONS THAT ROCK" exhibit featuring the photographic works of some of the most iconic photographers of Rock and Metal. Featured artists include Danny Clinch, Mark Weiss, Jonnie Miles, Justin Borucki and Michael Kravetsky. These five artists are responsible capturing the most well known images of Ozzy, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King , Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead and countless others. Johnny Weasel is very proud to represent the live music portion of the exhibit!

Somewhere in the universe the past echoes of certain 20th century rock and roll bands reflected from the earth have slowed their journey through space and are perceived by a conscious dying star... Johhny Weasel